The fiscal year 2015/16 in retrospect

Plansee Group acquired three companies, one of them is the solide carbide tool manufacturer Klenk.

In the 2015/16 fiscal year (closed on February 29), the Plansee Group achieved consolidated sales of 1.18 billion euros. Despite considerably reduced rates of growth worldwide, the Plansee Group extended its business activities in many different markets and gained market share in Europe and Asia.

Demand in Europe was relatively strong and was driven by exporters such as the mechanical engineering and automotive industries. The aviation industry remained robust throughout the year. Even though China was unable to replicate its growth rates of the preceding year, the Plansee Group continued to increase its sales in the country and in Southeast Asia. The market environment in North America proved to be more difficult, primarily due to the continued weakness of the oil, gas and mining industries. Sufficient production capacity to meet global molybdenum demand enabled a very positive development of molybdenum ore processor Molymet in Chile.

During the last fiscal year, the Plansee Group made investments of almost 20 million euros. These included the construction of a new production site in India, expansions to production in Austria and Luxembourg, together with innovations at the levels of products and processes. In addition, the Plansee Group also acquired three companies. The carbide specialist Ceratizit took over the German special toolmaker Klenk. What is more, Ceratizit signed a purchase agreement for a majority holding in the Indian tool manufacturer Cobra Carbide. The tungsten powder producer GTP acquired the Finnish company Tikomet, in a move that boosted its tungsten recycling capabilities.


Sales by region

The Plansee Group aims to generate one third of its sales in each of the three major economic regions.


On a worldwide basis, all associated companies employed over 11,900 staff.

Annual report 2015/16

Annual report 2015/16

The annual report
of the Plansee Group
for the fiscal year 2015/16.