The fiscal year 2015/16 in retrospect

In the 2016/17 fiscal year the Plansee Group achieved consolidated sales of 1.17 billion euros. Sales volumes and market share showed continued growth in all regions. The Group benefited from the strength of the German export industry, above all the automotive and mechanical engineering industries. There was also growth in the aerospace industry and in the field of alternative power generation (fuel cells).

Over the past fiscal year, the Plansee Group has continued to systematically internationalize its activities and invested a total of 180 million euros. Highlights included construction of a new production and sales site in Korea, site expansions in India, China and Germany, and the acquisition of the tool manufacturers Best Carbide in the USA and Becker Diamantwerkzeuge in Germany.

As in previous years, the Plansee Group invested more than 60 million euros (5 percent of sales) in the development of new products and in improved processes. The share of sales with new products remains above 30 percent.