“A real bonus for our customers”

Every year, hundreds of customers complete a course at Ceratizit’s training center for cutting tools in Tianjin. The ideal tool for each customer application is determined on the basis of practical trials.

Ceratizit’s Tooling Academy in Tianjin, 100 kilometers southeast of Beijing, is much more than just a training center. Tests, practical trials and discussions are the order of the day here. It is the birthplace of good ideas for an ideal machining strategy. Above all in sectors in which speed, precision and efficiency are of the essence in machining operations, such as in the automotive industry. Or where workpieces that are particularly difficult to machine are processed, such as in the aerospace industry. And it is also a place where people work on solutions that regularly lead to new or enhanced tools. Johannes Duller from Austria has been working in Tianjin since 2012. For a year now, he has been heading up the Tooling Academy and is responsible for sales on the machining business side of CB Ceratizit. Several times a year, Duller organizes training courses for dealers who sell cutting tools on behalf of Ceratizit. In addition, staff from larger customers regularly receive training at the Tooling Academy. Duller: “These training courses are a real bonus for our customers.” Because operators of cutting machines receive no formal training in China, the machining specialists from CB Ceratizit are also able to provide basic knowledge about machining in these courses. Duller: “But our day-to-day business lies in the practical trials.” This means that if a customer has a problem with their machining process, the staff at CB Ceratizit examine the workpiece and the material used. On the basis of the practical trials and the subsequent simulations, they are able to make practical tooling recommendations or to develop and build a custom tool.

Training for customers: Johannes Duller (4th from right) heads up CB Ceratizit’s Tooling Academy in Tianjin, China.

The concept behind the Tooling Academy

The performance of the overall system is crucial in machining processes. The machine, the spindle and the tool must be perfectly matched. This ensures an economical manufacturing process and high-quality results. Before any tool that has been newly developed or enhanced is launched on the market, Ceratizit subjects it to comprehensive stress testing at the Tooling Academy. The realistic deployment conditions there ensure realistic results and give insights into the ideal machining parameters. And it is extremely important for the Ceratizit staff and the dealers to know the cutting tools inside out. At the Tooling Academy, they are trained on the same machines that the customers use. But a machining process will only ever be efficient and successful if the machine operators have been trained up to an appropriate level of skill on the tool itself. And so, the Tooling Academy holds a great number of customer-specific seminars. For Europe, Ceratizit also maintains a Tooling Academy in Reutte, Austria.