Mission & Objectives

We develop, produce and market products based on the high-tech materials molybdenum and tungsten. Our production technologies cover every aspect of the value-added chain. Our customer care, development and production operations are geared to the demands of our markets. Each individual market defines the requirements in respect of the characteristics of our products.

Objectives of the Plansee-Group

Our mission

All Plansee Group divisions aim to achieve excellence along the whole value chain of molybdenum and tungsten production, using their proven expertise in materials, technologies and applications.

Our objectives

The Plansee Group aims to be the world’s leading and preferred supplier of the high-technology materials molybdenum and tungsten along the whole value chain. The following Group objectives are valid for all divisions:

  • Leading market positions: our businesses hold market-leading positions worldwide.
  • Above-average development: our companies outperform the market. They are clearly positioned, profitable over the long-term, and achieve ambitious financial targets.
  • Employer of choice: The Group is an employer of choice throughout the world.