Our responsibility*

It is not just what we do; how we do it is also becoming increasingly important for our customers and our staff. Successful, ethical, permanently innovative and always with a sense of responsibility. This image of who we are is both a promise and an obligation and has for decades made the Plansee Group what it is: a reliable supplier and an employer of choice.

The information presented here shows how we discharge our responsibilities in respect of raw materials, research and development, customer satisfaction, environmental and energy management, personnel and social commitment.

Reporting period
The reporting period is the fiscal year of the Plansee Group, which ends on the last day of February. The reporting cycle of corporate social responsibility activities is annual. Contact: living-metals(at)plansee.com.

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*The Plansee Group reports on its responsibilities in accordance with selected standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). In this report, all figures derived in accordance with the GRI are shown in brackets. All the figures published below refer to the 2013/14 fiscal year for the Plansee Group (1 March 2013 through 28 February 2014). All the indicators are taken from the consolidated Plansee Group figures. If this is not the case, this will be explicitly indicated. In this case, the figures are average values for the companies indicated.