How you join us. How you develop.

Technical Professions - Laboratory

Professionals & Career starters

Entering a profession is one of the most important decisions anyone ever makes. The dynamic development of the Plansee Group offers a wide range of possibilities for graduates. With our structural onboarding plan, we prepare newcomers to the company carefully for the precise position that awaits them. Only then do they start to handle their responsible and challenging tasks. Tell us why we need you and what you can do for us and become a part of our team!

The completion work

Thesis work

“Grain boundaries in molybdenum and their properties” and “Study and evaluation of the grinding properties of hard metals” are examples of theses and dissertations that have recently been completed in the Plansee Group. By investigating any of a wide range of topics, you contribute to our and your own progress and lay a solid foundation for your future professional success. Thanks to their expertise and commitment, some of the graduates who have worked with us have joined our teams and help ensure the continued success of the company. Enrich our projects with your knowledge!


We will prepare you for professional life! Only optimally trained personnel understand our materials and processes. That is why, for decades, we have understood the value of specialists trained by us in-house – for both our technical and commercial tasks. We provide training in: Alserio, Empfingen, Lechbruck, Reutte and Seon. Each of these sites offers training opportunities in a range of areas.

Interns & Seasonal workers

Do you have to do a traineeship as part of your school work? Or do you want to gain practical experience during your studies?  We can offer you the opportunity to do this in every area of our enterprise. Experience the day-to-day professional world first-hand and find out exactly what sort of career you want to choose. Learn how a company is managed and develops.

Would you like to earn some money and gather some professional experience during your vacation? As a seasonal worker, you will work independently and get to grips with the world of modern production!

Encouraging talent

Talent promotion

Further training programs

“You never stop learning.” That is part of our philosophy. That is why we offer our personnel, whatever level they occupy in the company, further training programs dealing with a wide range of topics: language, software, project management training courses as well as events dealing with communications skills and working methods. With our international development programs, we help our employees find their feet while at the same time encouraging cross-site cooperation. We offer our management staff tailor-made training courses and programs so that they can give their personal expert guidance and encouragement.

Talent promotion
Talent promotion
Talent promotion
Talent promotion
Talent promotion
Talent promotion

International assignments and international mobility

We believe that international assignments offer exciting possibilities for the further development of any employee. Getting to know new countries and cultures broadens horizons and encourages intercultural skills. Personal competencies, qualifications and management qualities are strengthened by exposure to new experiences and challenges. And of course, language skills should also not be forgotten! We assist our employees and their families during short-term and long-term assignments at our sites around the globe. Because it helps us a lot if our employees know our sites, markets and globally active customers.

Stay abroad
These two colleagues from GTP and Ceratizit Austria swapped jobs for several months.

8 out of 10

Management positions to be filled by internal applicants, if possible. That is the formula for our collective success: We fill 8 out of every 10 management positions internally. Our management principles include trust, freedom of action and coaching by superiors. Thanks to special programs, we encourage further training and get our employees ready to take on the responsibilities of their demanding tasks.