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Whether they are materials scientists, chemists, engineers, technicians or business economists, legal specialists or accountants – the Plansee Group, with its extensive value-added chain, offers experts of all types a varied and demanding range of tasks within a technology-driven enterprise environment.

Technical areas
Technical areas

One key area in the Plansee Group consists, naturally enough, of our materials molybdenum and tungsten. In the early days, we manufactured tungsten filaments for incandescent lamps and the hard metal dies needed for their production. Nowadays, we manufacture thousands of different products for forward-looking industries. The products manufactured from our materials provide top performance wherever they are used. This involves a level of complexity that constantly creates new challenges for all our technical experts, product managers and scientists.

Developing, producing and testing products
For us, everything starts with the powder. Our materials have exactly the characteristics that are needed in demanding applications – they offer outstanding heat resistance, possess exceptionally high densities, are hard and wear-resistant, and conduct both heat and electricity particularly well. To make sure that our products possess the right properties as well as the right dimensions and geometry, we need experts to work in the development, product management and quality control fields. To turn our development work into real-life products, the machines must run to perfection and the processes – from powder manufacture, through pressing and on to machining – must be efficient. And we always want to do better!

Technical Professions - Production
Technical Professions - Indien
Technical Professions - Production
Technical Professions - Quality

Do you know our materials down to the nanometer scale? Do you know the effects of different product geometries and dimensions? Would you like to see our production running at full speed and design our processes to be more effective? Then send us your application!


  • Chemists
  • IT specialist
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Metallurgists
  • Physicists
  • Materials scientists


  • Chemicals lab technicians
  • Metallurgical technicians specialists with a focus on the cutting technology, mechanical engineering and tools sectors
  • Production technicians
  • Materials technicians

Even if our products are the main players in our company, the team behind the team is just as important. We possess a global production network: 33 production sites each make their contribution to our ready-to-use product portfolio. This means that it is vital to keep an overview of which semifinished products are required when so that our processes never stop running. It's highly complex, but exactly the right task for our logistics experts.

Everyone knows that we manufacture top-quality, high-performance products. But they can only be successful if we demonstrate their qualities to the market and offer the right, locally available service to our customers. That is only possible thanks to the effort of dedicated sales and marketing personnel.

For many years, the Plansee Group has been in outstanding financial health and has even been well placed during difficult times. With sales of 1.2 billion euros and an equity ratio of 58 percent. And our teams in the Finance and Controlling departments are intent on ensuring that this remains in future.

Commercial Professions
Commercial Professions
Commercial Professions
Commercial Professions
Commercial Professions
Commercial Professions

Do you want to procure the necessary material at the best possible conditions? Or make sure that the powder is in the right place at the right time? Can you establish our latest product development on the market? Then send us your application!

Take on responsible tasks in the following areas:

  • Finance and Controlling
  • Purchasing
  • Logistics
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Legal and Patent