The Plansee Group corporate culture

We are a private enterprise whose owners are committed to their employees and whose employees are committed to the company. This can be seen in the long-standing loyalty of our employees to the company – in 2014, our boards worldwide honored 342 employees who have been with us for up to 45 years.
Our success is based on a spirit of partnership and on our directness and honesty in our dealings with customers, employees, suppliers and other partners, as well as on our commitment to the environment.

The Plansee Group is represented in over 50 countries: We work together with different cultures and religions. We respect one another, learn at intercultural training events and believe that multicultural cooperation enriches our ideas and actions.
To disabled individuals, we offer suitable roles and work opportunities in our company.
We value the knowledge and experience of our long-standing employees just as much as we do the youth and energy of the career starters in our company. Every generation is important to us and we strive to achieve a mixed employment and age structure. In just the same way as we want to ensure a healthy mixture of men and women in the Plansee Group. At present, 17 percent of all our employees are women! And we want this number to grow! That is why we are working to make our employment opportunities and career paths even more attractive to women.

We equip our employees with the necessary personal protection clothing. Through its regular training events, in-house fire services and occupational safety officers, the Plansee Group ensures the safety of all its employees. From the very outset, new employees are familiarized with the need for care and attention on the factory site. The average accident rate in the Plansee Group is only 12 accidents per 1.000 employees.

What we offer



We reward the commitment of our employees at all our sites by offering performance and results-related remuneration packages. These are always closely coordinated with local statutory regulations and requirements. We constantly strive to optimize our remuneration and bonus strategy in the best interests of our employees and the success of our company.

Social benefits

We offer more! The statutory social benefits differ depending on location. However, our Group companies also offer additional packages in the fields of health insurance and pension provisions, as well as for employees with families and children.

Ongoing development

We offer considerable scope and numerous opportunities for ongoing career development. We organize many different programs to assist our young talents and will provide you with continuous support in your specialist or management position. Our further training programs are tailored for individual target groups, may be specific to certain sites or organized internationally, and can be administered one-to-one or in teams.

Leisure time and fitness facilities

To wake up every morning feeling refreshed and harmonious, energetic and healthy, every day of your life. That's not just what you want but also what we are searching for as a company. Only then will employees remain motivated and engaged and have a clear mind for new ideas. We offer various packages at our different sites. Starting with a fitness studio that is available every day, weekly fitness courses – including zumba, body workout or yoga – through to sports competitions including football, alpine winter sports, and golf. At the same time, we want to strengthen the feeling of community within our Group. We regularly organize special excursions and events in order bring the teams at our sites closer together. Whether at a paperchase through a national park, canyoning or participation in a charity run and cycling event.
Our company locations also contribute to a harmonious life experience: Mountain panoramas; the Black Forest and national parks on the doorstep; or the Californian desert and coast all in one.

Team event
Dragon Boat Race
Team event - Puzzle
Winter sports