Strong metals for the high-tech world

We tailor our customer services, development and production to suit the requirements of our markets.

The market defines what properties are required of our products. In order to best serve our different markets, we group our activities into business units. This ensures that we can build strong working relation with all of our customers, while offering them made-to-measure product solutions. We continue this focused customer relationship management during the development and production stages.

The following product solutions illustrate the versatility and capabilities of the Plansee Group.

Mobility & Transportation

Whether traveling by plane, train or automobile, products from the Plansee Group help keep us on the move. Materials and tools from the Plansee Group are vital for these industries where resistance and resilience to wear are essential. So we also make sure that, wherever you want to travel, you reach your destination reliably and safely.

  • Spray wire for friction-reducing coatings for gears and other moving parts
  • Components for H4 and xenon lamps
  • Tungsten fine wire for automotive lamps and heating front and rear windshields
  • Counterweights for crankshafts
  • Tools for machining engine blocks, crankshafts, aluminum wheels and brake discs
  • Tungsten and molybdenum based Thermal Spray Powders for corrosion- and wear-resistant coatings
Mobility & Transportation

Mechanical engineering

The Plansee Group helps increase the performance and service life of machinery, tools and high-temperature furnaces through its materials solutions.

  • Heater elements for high-temperature and vacuum furnaces
  • Temperature-resistant components for coating plants
  • Coating materials for tools
  • Nozzles for plastic injection molding
  • Electrodes, tank cladding and stirrers for glass manufacture
  • Shearing blades, cutting wheels and lens tools for the glass industry
  • Tools for shaping and processing
  • High-performance tools made from hard metals using cutting inserts
  • Tools for diamond production
Mechanical and plant engineering

Consumer electronics

Mobile communication devices connect people to the Internet – and to the future. Material solutions from the Plansee Group aim to continuously increase the resolution, contrast, ease of use and durability of these devices.


  • Plant components for producing LEDs and semiconductors
  • Components for the production of sapphire glass (camera lenses, glass cover, carrier plates for LEDs)
  • Base plates for semiconductors
  • Coating materials for Displays




Consumer electronics

Medical technology

Medical-device manufacturers are increasingly relying on Plansee Group’s state-of-the-art products. Our key components are used in CAT scanners, radiotherapy equipment, dental drills and prosthetic products. Your health is our concern.

  • Carbide components for dental instruments and the whole medical industry
  • Components which generate, direct and shield radiation for use in X-ray machines and oncological irradiation devices
Medical technology

Power engineering

We are driving the energy revolution forward: the Plansee Group’s materials and tools push technical possibilities to the limit to help secure the energy supply of the future.

  • Powder blends for manufacturing drills in oil and gas exploration
  • Coating materials for solar cells
  • Electrical contacts for medium and high voltage
  • Electrically and thermally conductive components for solid oxide fuel cells
  • Thread cutters for machining drill rods and borehole tubing
  • Carbide contacts for drill heads
  • Tools for producing gas turbines
  • Tools for machining pipelines
Power engineering

The construction industry

Whether they are used in civil engineering, road building or tunneling, hard metal tools for working wood and stone ensure rapid progress on site.


  • Tools for wood and stone working
  • Drilling and milling tools for tunnel boring
  • Milling tools for road building
  • Carbide compacts for the agriculture industry (ploughs and blades)
  • Forming tools for producing nails, rivets and screws




Building industry

The aerospace industry

More than any other industry, aerospace pushes systems to the limits of their resilience. The Plansee Group develops and distributes the cutting-edge materials required.


  • Gold-plated wires for satellite technology
  • Cutting tools for machining integral components
  • High-performance tools for processing titanium and superalloys
  • Tools for machining airplane turbines
  • Billets for die tools to forge turbines

The semiconductor industry

Smaller, hotter and even more efficient: the Plansee Group is responding to trends in the semiconductor industry for increasing miniaturization and enhancing performance. Our products play a major part in semiconductor production and electronic component cooling.

  • Components and spare parts for ion implantation
  • Heat sinks and heat spreaders for semiconductors
  • Tiny drills for the processing of PCBs
  • Components for manufacturing semiconductor layers (MOCVD)
  • Wires for tantalum capacitors
  • Baseplates for power electronics
Semiconductor industry