Technological expertise

Powder manufacturing

It is our customers who determine how much internal added-value our products bring – whether it be powder, semi-finished parts or ready-to-use components. To ensure we remain the preferred partner to our customers, we continuously invest in training for our employees, in the latest technology, and in increasing our production capacity – from powder production through powder-metallurgical processes to the customer-specific processing and recycling of our materials.

Powder production
From ore concentrates or secondary raw materials the Plansee Group produces ready to use metal powders, especially high-purity molybdenum and tungsten powders and tungsten carbide.

Powder metallurgy
The aim of the powder-metallurgical production is to manufacture dense and solid products from metal powders below the melting point. Due to their decades of experience in powder metallurgy the Plansee Group can produce molds of almost any size and geometry.

Why powder metallurgy?


Since molybdenum melts at 2,620 degrees Celsius and tungsten even at 3,420 degrees Celsius, these metals can not be processed by melting metallurgy but only by powder metallurgy. This involves that high-purity metal powders are compacted at high pressure into a specific shape. It is then compressed further in furnaces using a technique called sintering.

Further processing of semi-finished products and blanks

Wire manufacturing

The molds are sold as semi-finished products or blanks. In rolling, forging and drawing our products get formed and, specific properties get adjusted in annealing processes. The final refinement according to the customer is achieved by machining.

Other core competencies include the surface and coating technology, where physical, electrical or chemical properties of the high-tech materials are modified in a controlled way. Joining technology involve the development or adaptation of joining techniques such as soldering or welding of refractory metals and composites.

Milling cutter
High temperature furnace
Drawing tools